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DCH Auriga Community Day - Kindness and Ren Ci


SINGAPORE, 04 NOV 2019 –

Staff of DCH Auriga Singapore are no stranger to nursing homes. With a strong distribution network in nursing homes across the country, DCH Auriga is a major player in providing for the healthcare needs of the rapidly aging society in Singapore. More than just a customer, we build long term partnerships with local healthcare institutions, to discover insights and deliver value. One of the critical needs in nursing homes is to promote the mental health of its elderly rehabilitation patients by engaging them with social and recreational activities. To support that cause, DCH Auriga’s Community Day 2019 was conceptualized together with Ren Ci Community Hospital Bukit Batok.


DCH Auriga Singapore staff from all functions, (Distribution, Commercial, Support Functions and more) volunteered their time to give back to the community. Purely on a voluntary basis, the number of volunteer slots were snapped up quickly from various functions in Singapore, embodying our commitment: Giving Back is in our DNA.

The day started with a group briefing by Ren Ci staff on the care and interaction with Ren Ci patients. Our team learnt to appreciate the sensitivities and needs of the patients being taken of at Ren Ci. Thereafter, the group was split into 4 teams to fetch the patients on their wheelchairs from their ward. With zest and excitement, we brought our companions down for an exciting day of fun and laughter.

The patients were first welcomed by our lively Master of Ceremony in Singapore’s multiple languages, representative of our multi-racial society. All present were pleasantly surprised (staff included) by her vocal prowess when she belted classics that many of them who were above the age of 60 could sing along with. The DCH Auriga team then worked together to prepare ingredients for a popular local snack, Popiah, as we worked together with the patients to empower them to choose their own ingredients to create their preferred dish.


With their bellies filled, what better way was there to get the patients to actively participate than the classic Bingo game? Led by our talented team member, many of the patients were counting excitedly for a chance to win the first prize. While there could only be 1 Bingo game winner, every one of our guests ended the day with a present, a towel and cap set, and best of all, a memorable fun-filled day of joy and laughter they will always remember.

Once again, thanks to Ren Ci Community Hospital for the chance to be at such a fulfilling event. As a group, we welcome more of such support requests and look forward to giving back for a good cause.


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