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DCH Auriga │ Kicks off Philippine’s National Eye Care Awareness Campaign


As one of the largest distributor in Eye Care, DCH Auriga celebrates Philippine’s National Eye Care Awareness Month with its flagship campaign Eyes Mo, Care Mo. The nationwide campaign highlights DCH Auriga’s and Eye Mo’s strong commitment to spreading eye care awareness combatting the five major signs of eye irritation and discomfort: sore, itchy, red, watery and dry eyes.

Eyes Mo, Care Mo is also the first awareness campaign on eye care in Philippines.

Last year, together with Eye Mo Philippines, DCH Auriga launched and pioneered the National Eye Care Awareness Month to foster stronger understanding on eye health and to address the growing need for improved care.

According to study released by the Philippines Department of Health, about two million Filipinos are visually-impaired due to poor eye health.

This year, DCH Auriga launched its second campaign titled #REDvolution, a statement operating under the umbrella campaign Eyes Mo Care Mo.

This campaign targets to mobilize millennials in active participation at the national movement heralding red as the color of love and care via Eye Mo’s Red Eyes Formula. This new red variant is for quick relief of eye redness and minor discomforts caused by irritants.

The campaign call-out to better eye care is a huge success among the youths as they are highly exposed to eye irritants especially when on the road, at work or on the way to school. As part of this campaign, millennial commuters were also treated to free eye check-ups at urban manila’s popular train stations. Free samples were also distributed at these events.

In addition to advocating on better care plan for eyes, Eyes Mo, Care Mo campaign also has a medical mission anchored on the brand’s corporate social responsibility (CSR).

This charitable event brought in renowned ophthalmologists to Barangay Payatas in Quezon City, servicing at least 1,000 residents’ eye check-ups. And through the partnership with TV5’s Alagang Kapatid Foundation for the CSR’s feeding program, thousands of breakfasts, hygiene kits, and Eye Mo products have also been donated

Capping off the event, Eye Mo sales set a record high in the month of August 2018 growing at 30% year on year. Further strengthening its position as No. 1 leader in the Philippines market.


Legal Disclaimer

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