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DCH Auriga: New identity of LF Asia healthcare arm

The launch of DCH Auriga marks the rebirth LF Asia healthcare business. Starting November 2017, the healthcare business under LF Asia is rebranded to DCH Auriga Ltd., while the consumer goods distribution operations are transferred to Integrated Market Services Asia Ltd. 

“This restructuring will enable DCH Auriga to focus on better serving our strategic partners across the region and meet the unique and complex requirements of Asia’s healthcare communities,” according to Mr Tim Collins, CEO of DCH Auriga. “With the support of DCH and CITIC Pacific Limited, we are positioned for dynamic growth.” 

The new corporate identity draws inspiration from “Auriga”, a constellation depicting a charioteer, which symbolizes the business’s commitment in guiding clients through complex and dynamic markets. 

DCH Auriga provides treatments and healthcare solutions across Asia, with its footprint expanded across China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. With partners in leading healthcare companies worldwide, DCH Auriga brings end-to-end solutions for clients including sales and marketing, commercial and logistic services, and regulatory and medical liaison support. 

Currently, more than 500 brands of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, surgical equipment, diagnostics, and OTC products are under the distribution belt of the company and its partners. 

Building on its established relationships with partners and local expertise, the company will continue to drive innovative solutions and insights to create optimized supply chains across Asia.  

DCH Auriga CEO, Mr Tim Collins

DCH Auriga CEO, Mr Tim Collins

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