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Expanding Hong Kong Shelves with E-tail

For many years, a health supplement brand had been struggling to grow its sales within the constraints of Hong Kong’s small store footprints. Although they had achieved widespread distribution in channels including health and beauty, dispensaries, pharmacies and medical clinics, the size constraints meant they could only offer their customer base a limited range of products.  While top sellers could be found in most locations, many popular supplements were only available through specialty stores or by switching brands.

The Auriga team recognised an opportunity in the strong demand for the curated product range and proposed a new solution. Instead of just offering the branded range through physical stores, what about an online platform? With an online platform backed by local distribution, Hong Kong consumers could have access to the full range of products and buy the supplements they wanted from their brand of choice.

The brand was excited to be able to offer the full range to Hong Kong’s shopper and green-lighted the project. As a first step, the account management team designed a professional webpage suited to the brand’s personality and heritage with an easy-to-shop interface. Next, the Auriga team worked with a logistics company to ensure products could be delivered directly to the home. Finally, the sales team assured our network partners that price parity made sure the website would not cannibalize in-store sales and its extended range would complement rather than compete with listed products.  

The website was immediately profitable and enabled Hong Kong’s consumer to access twice as many product options, building loyalty and equity without compromising the strong retail performance.

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