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IOC x ZSCXH x DCHA press conference


On 2 March 2022, Zhongshan Chenxinghai Hospital, Hong Kong Integrated Oncology Centre (HKIOC), and DCH Auriga announced the strategic cooperation in support of a National State Council initiative to provide Hong Kong-approved medical treatments to Greater Bay Area (GBA) patients.

Under the strategic partnership, DCH Auriga and HKIOC will support Zhongshan Chenxinghai Hospital to offer the newly available treatments, with Auriga supporting the product supply chain and HKIOC sharing its expertise through joint Multi-Disciplinary Teams for individual cases. DCH Auriga also rolled out a e-learning platform for HK-Macau-and GBA cities healthcare professionals, to facilitate GBA HCPs for advanced clinical experience sharing and enable them with better options to improve patients’ outcomes.

The strategic collaboration ultimately provides a model for the initiative’s adoption across GBA cities and contributes towards the shared vision of a “Healthy Bay Area.” At Auriga, we never stop striving for better patient outcome. To learn more about the cross-boundary initiative and help us support patients in the Greater Bay Area, please contact us via [email protected] or (852) 3619 2800 for more details.



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