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Opening New Channels in Scar Treatment

For several years in Hong Kong, Auriga represented a well-trusted and long-standing European scar removal product formulated for clinical use in hospitals. In 2015, based on the efficacy, safety and popularity of the treatment, the Auriga team saw an opportunity to offer the scar remover as an over-the-counter treatment in wellness and beauty channels.

Together with the principal’s branding team, a strategic plan and tactics were developed to commercialize the product.  It started with the repackaging of the product into a consumer-friendly size. Of the three options for hospitals, two were selected for an over-the-counter offer, 30 ml for minor scars and 10 ml for consumer treating larger scars caused by open surgery or a caesarean delivery. Images, wording and layout for the packaging were ready in just three months and when the Auriga sales team approached retailers, they achieved placement in selected stores.

Unfortunately, initial sales were only lukewarm and some retailers even considered pulling the product off the shelves in the early months. The ever-responsive Auriga marketing team quickly reassessed the market and developed a more intensive promotion strategy focused on highly effective below-the-line marketing. They proposed a 360 degree strategy to bolster awareness and trust in the product including sampling programs, in-store promotions, digital marketing campaigns, search optimisation, informative online sites and product use training.

Sales began to pick up. The Auriga team cheered when they hit the target, but the figures kept climbing. One by one, retailers agreed to offer the scar remover in every store. In less than a year, the consumer business for the product has grown many fold and become a substantial part of the portfolio. Thanks to the insight and proactive proposals from Auriga, Hong Kong’s consumers can now enjoy the same scar treatment available at the hospital in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

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