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Propelling Probiotics into the 4th Generation

There is a growing body of scientific evidence that certain bacteria can not only be helpful but can even prevent or treat illnesses. While most probiotics are currently refrigerated as yogurts or drinks, there is a growing interest in probiotic supplements around the world, particularly in the US and Japan.

In April 2015, Auriga launched the latest 4th generation patented dual coating probiotics indicated for Irritable Bowel Syndrome to the ethical market, with the aim of reshaping the probiotics landscape in Singapore. This 4th generation dual coated probiotic is multi-strain and therefore requires no refrigeration. It can be taken in a convenient capsule format rather than as a drink or yogurt.

Within six months of the launch, the treatment was offered in more than 90% of private Gastroenterologist offices. In nine months, it surpassed the market leader. Eighteen months later, over a million capsules had been sold.

Following the brand’s success, another novel probiotic for the adjuvant treatment of Atopic Dermatitis was officially launched in May 2016, with more than 300 units pre-ordered before the shipment even arrived. By the end of 2016, the brand was a market leader in the ethical channel capturing over 40% of the market. The promotion campaign used multiple touch points to drive success and featured participation in key healthcare events, engagement of Key Opinion Leaders to enhance the credibility of the brand, scientific discussions and presentations to GPs and specialists, on-ground marketing support to generate noise level, sales force training, print advertisements and collaterals for the clinics.

Due to the popular demand and its market leadership, the probiotic brand launched successfully into the OTC channel in March 2017 with impactful sales within the first two months of launch. It was the only probiotic brand in the market with extensive above and below-the-line support, and even celebrity endorsement.

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