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Trailblazing in digital inventory management

In the healthcare industry, we all work together to put patient outcomes first and we know that sometimes every second counts. That’s why it’s important that care providers always have critical medicines and medical devices on hand for immediate use. However, long term storage of inventory and the additional complexity of shared inventory for multiple hospitals can translate to unnecessary costs and supply chain difficulty. The risk of lost or missing inventory, frequent manual stock takes and storage rental fees can become a significant burden to the manufacturer and even drive up the end cost of the product or treatment.

Working closely with key our principals, Auriga saw an opportunity in the Thailand market to design and invest in managing this supply chain challenge by defining a technology-driven system that would better meet existing needs. We developed a custom RFID-based warehousing system that tracks each individual stock unit nationwide, giving a real time view of stock levels at every storage centre. In parallel, Auriga also constructed a cold-chain warehouse with 24/7 support, backup generators and even a app-based mobile phone notification system that sends alerts in real time, should the temperature at the warehouse fall out of the standard range. This warehouse is located in the most central location in town, nearer to prime locations than any other service provider and within convenient proximity of all medical centres for urgent replenishments.

After the system was implemented, our principals, who previously had to manage high-value consignment at their own cost, were able to better control stock levels, minimise physical stock counting hours and reduce the cases of missing inventory to nearly zero. Throughout the process, Auriga’s Thailand team was committed to rise to the challenge, developing a custom solution to serve both our clients and our mission to improve the accessibility of care for patients in Thailand.

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